Natalia Vodianova
on a road trip to canada and i put down my backseat to make room and ah i’ve never been so comfy on a six hour drive

getting someone addicted to a show you watch


dolce & gabbana fw07/08

shes so pretty!

So I have a blog that I don’t really use, and decided that it can be of use to somebody else. Keep reading for a shot at having it!
must be following me
must reblog this post at least once (you can reblog multiple times)
likes don’t count but you can like to bookmark it
higher chances;
follow the giveaway blog
message me, explaining why you want/deserve this blog
be my friend
how i will pick;
first, i will first pick out the blogs that have done something from the “higher chances” list. second, i will pick out people that i am friendly with. third, i will pick out any other blogs that catch my attention. this will be my list that i will then put in the randomizer ( the one blog the randomizer chooses will be messaged and announced!
additional info;
i will pick my list to put in the randomizer when i’m pleased with the notes. (but, to give you an idea, it will probably be in a week or so.)
the giveaway blog is florehl and it currently has 1,415 followers.
okay, so if you’d like a chance, give it a shot! good luck :)

Giambattista Valli haute couture FW 2015


eugenia @ sportmax fw03